Employee Wellness Talks

Employee Assistance Programme

FREE financial well-being talks for employees at Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports (via employers). 

A founding principle of the credit union movement is education. At Aviate Credit Union, we have developed a series of seminars designed to promote financial wellbeing. 

Seminar topics include: 

  • Money Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Achieving Financial Goals

Benefits of these FREE talks include

  • Employees view financial wellbeing talks positively
  • Improved understanding of essential money management 
  • How to prevent fraud and financial exploitation explained!
  • On-site delivery, our credit union comes to your place of work! 

Each talks lasts approximately 50 minutes and can be easilly incorporated as part of a lunch-time talk. 

To book one of our financial well-being talks for your place of work, simply contact us HERE