Where To Start?

Membership starts here

If your employer is located within the common bond of Dublin Airport, Cork Airport or Shannon Airport or the adjacent business parks, the process for joining is very straightforward and quick! We also accept new applications to join from the Drumcondra area of Dublin. 

Complete a Membership form including: 

  • Personal Details, 
  • Employment Details & 
  • Nomination of Beneficiary

Provide proof of identification, proof of address & PPS or TIN number and airport identification (if applicable).

Submit a payroll deduction form / direct debit form

When your application has been approved, you will be advised by post and can begin to save with the Credit Union. The minimum saving required is €4 per week to your shares. You must have a minimum balance of €5 in shares to maintain your membership.

Your Next Step:

Download a Membership Application Form or contact us directly at (01) 844-5187 for more information.

For information on the Payments Services Directive click here.

As a company

If you have a question about joining, please contact us at (01) 844-5187 and we can examine if you are permitted to join Aviate Credit Union.

We are always pleased for a new company to join our Common Bond so please get in touch if you have some interest. There are many benefits to avail of.