Where To Start?

Membership starts here

If your employer is listed on our list of Member Companies, the process for application is very straightforward and quick!

Complete a Membership form including: 

  • Personal Details, 
  • Employment Details & 
  • Nomination of Beneficiary

Provide proof of identification, proof of address & PPS or TIN number and airport identification (if applicable).

Submit a payroll deduction form / direct debit form

When your application has been approved, you will be advised by post and can begin to save with the Credit Union. The minimum saving required is €4 per week to your shares. You must have a minimum balance of €5 in shares to maintain your membership.

Your Next Step:

Download a Membership Application Form or contact us directly at 01-8445187 for more information.

For information on the Payments Services Directive click here.

As a company

If you work in a business that is not listed in our Common Bond but you believe they could be, please contact us at 01-8445187 and we can talk you through what’s required in getting the business onto the approved list.

We are always pleased for a new company to join our Common Bond so please get in touch if you have some interest. There are many benefits to avail of.