Group accounts

Group Accounts

Group/Club accounts within our 'common bond‘ can become members of Aviate Credit Union

Examples of groups that benefit from a Credit Union Group/Club Account are as follows:

Sporting or social clubs
Office 'lotto' syndicates
Christmas Clubs
'Annual Outing' clubs
Golf Societies
Regular 'Race Sweeps'
General 'social funds' used by groups for example when sending condolences or floral tributes at time of bereavement could be built steadily through a Group/Club Account and then called upon at a moment's notice as required.

What you need to know – approval subject to approval. It is usually the treasurers responsibility to gather funds in a Group/Club. However, with a Group account in the Credit Union we can deduct all relevant subscriptions from a member’s payroll by way of payroll deduction and pay it directly into the Group account of which they are a member.

This can save a lot of time and administration for you.

To create such an account, the Group/Club must nominate two or more trustees who will control the account and to whom cheques may be issued. You must also submit the rules under which you operate.

For more information on opening a Group/Club Account with the Credit Union, please contact Philip on 01-844-5187.