Payroll Deduction / DD

Enjoy the convenience of Payroll Deduction

Regular - Weekly, fortnightly or monthly options

Confidential – no detail of the breakdown, members can be confident of privacy.

Direct Debit – suitable alternative to payroll deduction, direct from bank to your Credit Union account

AviateCredit Union can accommodate weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll deductions. Employers operating payroll deduction schemes are advised only of the total deduction required i.e. not the detail of the breakdown, so members can be confident of privacy.

Members who cannot avail of payroll deduction, can set up a Direct Debit with us so that deductions can come directly into your Credit Union account from your Bank or Building Society account.

Direct Debit Recall Charge

Due to increased operating costs, the Credit Union will be passing on the bank charge of €5 for any unpaid direct debits on members accounts.

How do you avoid paying this charge?

Ensuring you have enough to meet your direct debits will mean you avoid any unnecessary charges on your account. If you need to change your payment date please contact us on (01) 8445187 or

Members can also choose to set up a bank Standing order directly with their bank allowing for regular or one off payments into your credit union account.

Download a Payroll Deduction Form or contact the Credit Union for more information.