Cue call

Account  Access 24/7

Our 'Cue-Call'  service is a phone-based Interactive Voice Response which gives direct access to your Credit Union all day, every day.

To use, please have ready:

Staff/Account number and your Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.)

Updates on

Shares, Deposit Accounts, Loans, Loan Interest, Budget Schemes, and Savings. 

Additional information - The Account Balance Enquiry will give details of balances in all your active accounts. It will also tell you if a recent loan application has been approved for payment by advising you of the amount of loan available. By selecting a Budget scheme category code, you can establish the last payment made and the balance remaining in that category code, as well as the last contribution received by the budget scheme and the overall budget account balance. Other services available are through Cue-Call are: Message Recording, Statement Requisition - Opening Hours for the Credit Union. Change of P.I.N. Other Information e.g. Car Draw Winners

To use the Cue-Call service you simply do the following:


  1. Dial (01) 8445187, option 1
  2. Listen to the message
  3. Dial 0 when requested


Input your Credit Union/Staff Number - Input your Credit Union P.I.N. (There is an option on the system to enable you to change your P.I.N. to a different number of your choice). Follow instructions to enable you to obtain the information you require.

Call 'Cuecall' on (01) 8445187 24/7 to access your account details.