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How to Join & Eligibility

How to Join & Eligibility

Credit Union Common Bond

To be eligible to join Aviate Credit Union you must be within our Common Bond (the element that all Credit Union members have 'in common') i.e. satisfy one of the criteria listed below.

The Common Bond is as follows:

  • Persons being employed or residing within Dublin, Cork and Shannon airport complexes (the 'Designated Areas');
  • All employees (present or future) of companies outside the Designated Areas whose employees were within the Common Bond prior to 29th September 2011;
  • Persons having retired from employment within the Designated Areas;
  • Persons who are members of the same household as, and are a member of the family of, another person who is a member of the Credit Union and who has a direct Common Bond with those other members;
  • All those who are currently members of the Credit Union but not those currently classified as non-qualifying members as under Section 17(4) of the Credit Union Act, 1997 (as amended).
  • All applicants must be resident within the state.
Please confirm that you are eligible to join Aviate Credit Union as outlined in our Common Bond
Please indicate if you are applying as an Employee in an Airport Designated Area (Employee) or if you are applying as a family member residing at the same address as an eligible qualifying member (Family Member)

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Next Steps

Next Steps

In addition to this online application, we require supplementary documentation to get your Credit Union account activated.

A checklist of this required documentation is available to review and print: Documentation Checklist


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