Take flight with a loan for you

If you are employed within the 'common bonds' of either Dublin, Shannon or Cork airports, you may qualify for an Air Loan at Aviate Credit Union

Those living in the area formaly served by Drumcondra Credit Union are now elegible to join Aviate Credit Union and enjoy the full benefits of membership. 

An Air Loan is our approach to lending at Aviate Credit Union

We look at your capacity to repay, not just how much you have in shares or on deposit.

Today, with a satisfactory credit check and sufficient income to support your monthly repayments, an Air Loan may just be the choice for you.

With a loan from Aviate Credit Union, you can

  • Consolidate expensive debt and have one low monthly repayment
  • Carry out Home Improvements
  • Pay Education costs
  • Pay for a Holiday
  • And much more!

Calculate your repayments here

Man With Paddles

We underwrite all loans here at Aviate Credit Union, we can offer EXPRESS applications and PERSONAL service. Talk to a member of team to discuss your needs.