Credit Union Current Account

Finally, a real choice 

With instant access to your money through a Mastercard® Debit Card, a secure app and online portal, and mobile functionality, you can pay your bills, withdraw cash and pay at point of sale, anywhere in the world.

Current Account is a full service current account, brought to you by your credit union.

It’s more local, more trustworthy, and has our commitment to a sensible approach to money. With low and transparent fees, it’s more of what you would expect from your local credit union.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to sign up, simply login to your Online Banking account
  • Same friendly service
  • Globally accepted Mastercard Debit Card
  • Use in-store, online or at ATMs
  • Cashback available at participating retailers
  • Contactless payments
  • Transparent Fees
  • Overdraft for unexpected expenses
  • No surcharge interest on overdrafts
  • Automate regular payments using Standing Orders & Direct Debits
  • Stay in control with our Mobile App, eStatements and eFee Advices
  • Secure online shopping
  • 24/7 support for lost/stolen debit cards on 01-693 3333
  • Currency Conversion Calculator
  • For details on how to keep your personal, debit card and online information safe visit

Please review the steps below before completing your New Membership Application:

  1. Review the common bond below to clarify your eligibility for membership, ineligible applications will be declined for membership
  2. Applications via digital onboarding are solely for applicant(s) of 16 years of age and over
  3. Ensure you complete all sections of the application, as incomplete fields will delay in processing your application. If you require further explanations download our Glossary of Terms.
  4. Please note you can save a partial application and update the application within 14 days of saving the application. Please ensure you take note of the reference number (e.g. Screenshot), as this reference number will be required to add additional information
  5. Upload Documents. Missing documents will delay the processing of your application, please note the following steps to upload documents

Step 1: Verify Your Identity

Must be ORIGINAL copies

Proof of Identification

  • Current Valid Passport

  • or

  • Current Valid Driving Licence

Upload your ID document e.g. Valid* Passport, Valid* Driver’s Licence

VALID – Current and in date

Step 2: Evidence of Address Verification

Proof of Address (dated within 6 months)

  • Utility Bill

  • Bank Statement

  • Government Dept. document

Upload your Proof of Address documents e.g. Recent** Utility Bill, Recent** Bank Statement, Recent** Government Issued Documentation

Step 3: Proof of PPSN

Proof of PPS No.

  • Public Services Card / DPS Card

  • Payslip

  • P60

  • Revenue Documentation

**RECENT – within the last 6 months

Do you meet our Common Bond requirements?

To be eligible to join Aviate Credit Union you must be within our Common Bond (the element that all Credit Union members have 'in common') i.e. satisfy one of the criteria listed below.

The Common Bond is as follows:

  • Persons being employed or residing within Dublin, Cork and Shannon airport complexes (the 'Designated Areas');
  • All employees (present or future) of companies outside the Designated Areas whose employees were within the Common Bond prior to 29th September 2011;
  • Persons having retired from employment within the Designated Areas;
  • Persons who are members of the same household as, and are a member of the family of, another person who is a member of the Credit Union and who has a direct Common Bond with those other members;
  • All those who are currently members of the Credit Union but not those currently classified as non-qualifying members as under Section 17(4) of the Credit Union Act, 1997 (as amended).
  • All applicants must be resident within the state.