Good news for Dublin Airport

In case you may not have seen it, there is a report in Bloomberg News today listing the 10 worst and 10 best airports in Europe for on-time departures and cancellations.

Our new current account

As Ulster Bank and KBC ramp up their preparations to exit from Ireland, we want to remind members that Aviate Credit Union offers a robust, alternative banking service. This includes a state-of-the-art current account with some great benefits including:

How to protect against fraud

Scammers and fraudsters are busy at work. This week, as the HSE and Department of Health evaluate the impact of the ransomware attack on their IT sysytems, its time for each of us to reflect on our own security precautions. Scammers spend their entire lives perfecting their ability to win the confidence of others while the rest of the population will be unprepared. This is why it is so important to be extra vigilant at this critical time. The following are some practical steps that you should consider to stay safe from scammers: